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ED pills is based on elements borrowed from different schools. When describing blood, it is quite close to the opening of blood circulation. The breathing mechanism is analyzed in detail, and the work of muscles, lungs and nerves is consistently analyzed; the purpose of breathing is to weaken the warmth of the heart. The main place where blood is placed is the liver.

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Nutrition consists in borrowing the necessary particles from the blood and removing unnecessary ones; each organ separates a particular fluid. Departures of the brain are examined by cutting it at different heights; the significance of the nerves is also revealed by cutting them. The basic rule of hygiene is recognized as follows: it is necessary to maintain the whole body and individual parts in a natural state and harmonize with the latter throughout life. The art of mastering your passions is highlighted when describing the means by which you can achieve longevity.

In pathology, in contrast to Hippocrates, disorders are explained not by changes in fluids alone, but in part by changes in solid parts and functions. When treating, it is necessary to induce a condition opposite to that which is the subject of complaints; help nature in its useful efforts and imitate them. Following the direction of his century, Galen offers complex medicines, the properties of which are determined on the basis of not experience, but speculation. In terms of the vastness of his knowledge, in his striving to link them into a harmonious system, Galen deserves the name of a great reformer; but his penchant for theories, his desire to explain everything, and, moreover, in expressions that did not allow objections, did M. a lot of harm: the enemies of sound observation in their thinking for several centuries covered upthe authority of Galen. That is why, starting from the 16th table., Admirers of scientific M. attacked Galen with such fury and in this respect they went overboard.

After the death of Galen, M. in Rome and other places fell into a state of decline for a long time. Education disappeared everywhere, and in M. a turn for the worse was revealed: superstitious methods of treatment appeared, belief in witchcraft and amulets - signs of a prehistoric structure of thought. Of the physicians of this period, only a few deserve mention; such are Oribaz, Aetius, Alexander (from Tralles), Pavel Evginsky. All these are highly gifted people, scientists, but they did not constitute an era in the history of M.


Useful Articles

  • Although the Arabs were in conditions that, apparently, were especially conducive to the development of medicine, the prevailing slavery, fetishism, mysticism, however, constituted an obstacle against which the aspirations of the best Arab doctors were shattered.
  • Greeks who fled from Constantinople, devastated by the Turks, contributed to the spread of Greek in the West.
  • The new direction manifested itself in a number of very interesting observations, collections of which were published by Massa, Amat Lusitan, Mundella, Trinkavella, Valleriola, Schenkiy, Plater, Forest, etc.